Waiting for the Announcement

Finally, i can completed my application for register a master degree in IIUM. Its been a long process since i graduated for my bachelor degree. I need to translate my graduate certificate and my academic transcript, also i need two recomendations letter from my lecturers. Those requirements need a long time to wait. And finally, i sent my application. I sent itΒ on March 1st 2013 and my application departed to Kuala Lumpur 0n March 5th 2013. Soooo, all i must do just waiting for the result. When i asked to CPS about how long the result will announced, they said it will takes a minimum a month and maximum 3 months.

Today is almost a month since my application received. I check my application status all the time. You know,Β  i check that almost every hour. And someday, i checked my status and its status changed being rejected. Oh my God, im so shocked. I lost my mind. But then i remember, i have commitment to received whatever the result said. After that i told my mom, she was shocked too. I opened again the status for make sure aaannnnddd the status changed again became evaluation process. I was confused.

Ouch, what happened was a maintanance of system. Fiiiiiuuuh so its not my real result. I still have some hope. Alhamdulillah…. I hope the result come fast. I just… I just cant wait no more 😦

God, please make this quick and give your miracle to make me accepted by IIUM. AAmiin πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Waiting for the Announcement

  1. Hi! I want to ask if it is written evaluation process rejected in admission status, is it meaning our application is rejected automatically? But the status is before the deadline of application. What to do in that case? Thank you

    • Hello! Are you applying for june or september intake ? Undregraduate or postgraduate ? Ive experienced the same thing before and it was due to maintanance of the system. So, I suggest you to wait for couple days and re-check. However, to make it more clear, you may contact AMAD for undergraduate or CPS for postgraduate students. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

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