A to Z about TOEFL IBT

After long consideration, finally I decided TOEFL IBT than IELTS, because I thought that I had weakness on speaking section, I was afraid if talking with native directly. After that I practice my speaking and writing part more than reading and listening. After registered my application to IIUM, I planned took a test on April 14th 2013. There are many consideration why I took that date.

Fisrt step, you must register to ETS officially website (www.ets.org) . than you have make payment with credit card. If you have no credit card, you can buy voucher from official institution who held TOEFL IBT test. I contact IIEF but they have no stock, then I try to contact PT ITC Indonesia and buy voucher for TOEFL IBT. The price is USD 175 or equal to IDR 1.700.000. ITS SO EXPENSIVE  for me. So I don’t wanna failed in  this test. Yeah, score of 80 or equal to 550 is my ticket to study abroad.

My test place in Plaza Sentral, Sudirman. I was the earliest who came there. After that I went to 17th floor but actually the test on 15th floor. After that I do verification and got a locker key to save my stuff. We just entered the room with our ID card. Stationary and paper was ready by officer. I have some note to you so you can anticipate this common situation.

  1. After registration, please print your ticket confirmation, save and bring it on the test day. All of important point will be there too, so you can read what you must do or you must bring.
  2. Bring your ID that show your photo and signature, for Indonesian you can use your ID card like “KTP”, driver licence or passport. If you are foreigner who test in Indonesia, you can use your passport. And bring the real ID, not copy of them. There are several people who brought copy of ID or they ID card photo was not clear. You can not permitted to enter if you face this case. But the officer offering a looseness to ask someone in your house bring the ID card to PT ITC before the test finish.
  3. I take a day test on SUNDAY. Sudirman street closed because car free day. So, you must anticipation that with looking for alternative route. You can enter from behind plaza semanggi to Plaza sentral.
  4. Don’t be late!!! Not like information I got from a blog, fisrt come fisrt test not valid again. So you will start the test together. If you late, the test will late too.
  5. The test is usually in the morning. You better take some breakfast first before the test. Behind plaza sentral there is McDonald, you can buy something there.
  6. The room might be too cold or hot or so so. When my test I feel a little bit hot, but you better prepare. You can use shirt than bring a jacket, you can use your jacket if there is too cold.
  7. You can change your score recipient one day before the test day before 10 am. After that your change will take a charge. (From ETS)

I think that’s all. I will update this if I remember something important. Now, I just waiting for my score result. Ya Allah please give me good score. I beg You :’) 


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