My Experience in IELTS test

After failed in TOEFL IBT test, I decided to move to IELTS test. Also, I took IELTS Preparation Class. Hopefully, I could be more mature to face the test. Now, I will share you about my experiences in IELTS Preparation Class and the IELTS test.

  1. IELTS Preparation Class

I took IELTS Preparation Class in IALF. IALF is located in Plaza Kuningan Selatan, 3rd floor. There are two type of Classes, Intensive 2 weeks or 5 weeks. I took intensive 2 weeks, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 3 PM.  The cost is Rp 3.700.000 and before that you must take placement test for Rp 75.000.

I had two teachers, David and Michael. They were nice. There, I made familiar with the test and also practice more. The facilities were okay. And I think the cost I paid was worthed. The maximum student in a class is 15 but there were just 14 students in my class.

2. IELTS Test

After took the preparation class, I want to do test a week after. But there is no avalaible place for me for that date. so, I took IELTS test 2 weeks after my preparation class finished. I registered in IALF because I dont want to find another test location. I paid for IELTS test with debit card, totally Rp 1.932.500 + Rp 5.000 for bank administration fee.

My test held on 15th June 2013. I went to IALF so early because I didn’t want to be late. After arrived at IALF, the candidates of the test must verified our ID, took photo and made finger prints. the ID you bring, should match with the copy you have attach in registration form.

I have been offered speaking test on 14th june but I decided to do all test on 15th June.

There are four sections. Listening for about 30 minutes, then Reading for 1 hour, Writing for 1 hour and the last you will scheduled on speaking test. I finished 3 sections at 00.05 PM and got the speaking test at 13.20.

I don’t know, I just hope for the best. I think the test not too hard but infact, I need more time to do it. I wish the result will be okay :”)


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