Some Vocabularies in Romanian Words

Te Iubesc : I Love You

Multumesc : Thank You

Buna Dinimeata : Good Morning

O zi Placuta : Have a Nice Day

Ce mai Fai: How Are You ?

Imi Placi : I Like You

Avion : Plane

Draga : Dear

Te pup : Kiss You

Ma duc sa mananc: I am going to Eat

Pe mar terziu : See you Later

Pa atunci : Bye then

Da : Yes

Salut : Hello

Cu Placere: You are welcome

Noap te buna : Good night

Masina :car

caina: dog

pisica : cat

sa mergem inainte : lets go forward

Bravo : congratulation

Ura : Yahoo

Loc : Place

Oras : city

Te rog : Please

Tu : You

Eu : Me

Frumos/Frumoasa : Beautiful

Urat : Ugly

Sunt foarte urat : i am very ugly

sunt grasa : i am fat

si tie la fel : you too

Al grija de tine : take care of you

papa : bye


*Those words are result from my Romanian friend who thought me his language ^^


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