Palestine Dance : Dabke

Global Ummatic Festival is an annual festival in my campus, IIUM. That festival shows cultural performances from countries students in IIUM. There are Egypt, Singapore, Palestine, Afghanistan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Sudan, Somalia and many more. This is my first year in IIUM and I am very happy to able to see almost all performances. 

I have one favourite performance, that is dance which brought by Palestine brothers called Dabke. The dance focus to foot steps and I think the steps are very energetic. The music I also like and.. the brothers who dance :p . I just realized that Palestine brothers so handsome *okay, wrong focus*  But anyway, they have thin and long feet that make the dance very attractive. After performance, i searched about the dance and youtube-ing to see more Dabke dance. I found that they have many version and use many songs to do that dance. I still looking for the song that used when the Palestine brothers performed. I hope I could find it.


Global Ummatic : Palestine Performance

I could not take better photo because between my position and the stage was quite far and also my camera could not take better photo in the darkness. But, capture in my head still clear. I like the costume and the dance. DABKE!! 


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