Krabi Part 1 : My Budget List

This mid break I decided to go to Krabi, Thailand. The reason was simple, I want to try sleeping couch and after i made budgeting, its cheap. So, i bought tickets return Kuala Lumpur-Hatyai, it cost me 108 myr. From Hatyai, we need to take bus or mini van. It takes 4-5 hours, but in my experience, I took mini van with 4 hours journey but it took almost 6 hours because the driver pick up other passengers and also stop in rest area for around 15 minutes. My Journey was so wonderful, all was quite smooth. I could handle any situation, alhamdulillah ūüôā In this page, I want to share you my budgeting. For this trip I prepared 400 myr plus I have 300 bath and some coins from my last trip to Phuket last year. To make it easier, lets make all in bath, and use currency 1 myr = 10 bath. So, I have 4300 bath. Anyway, I will only write my primary expenses during my trip :


I bought train ticket return KL РHatyai = 108 myr =                                         1080 baht

Hatyai station to Hatyai Bus terminal by tuktuk                                                    30 baht

Hatyai РKrabi Bus terminal by mini van                                                             290 baht

Krabi bus terminal to hostel                                                                                 30 baht

Guest house 3 nights 1950 bath for 2 persons, so each was                            975 baht

4 Islands tour                                                                                                     400 baht

Rent motorcycle per day 200 bath + full petrol 85 bath for 2 persons each    142.5 baht

Hostel to Hatyai Station by mini van                                                                   300 baht

Total ¬†—————————————————————————->>>> ¬† ¬†¬†3247.5 bath


So, 4300 baht – 3247.5 baht = 1052.5 bath. You can use the rest for eating. And thats more than enough IF you are not like me, who always hungry and like to try every food I met. And also, you still can buy 1 or 2 post card or bracelet, because its cheap.



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