How to Reach IIUM from Airport

This writing inspired by a question about how to get IIUM by public transportation.

Anyway, for you guys new students and one to come to Malaysia, especially IIUM as your university, you might wonder how to get IIUM after you arrive in airport. IIUM is located in Gombak, still in Kuala Lumpur territory. So, you need to go to Kuala Lumpur from your country. You might arrive to KLIA or KLIA 2. KLIA2 is new budget terminal. It used to be LCCT, but since early May, one by one budget airlines moved to KLIA2. There are some options to reach IIUM from KLIA. First, you can go by Taxi. Simple but expensive. I am not recommend this except you bring so many things. So, I will encourage you to use public transportation. Alright, there will be 2 scenarios:

1. You arrive in KLIA

You can go by KLIA express, it is a rapid train that will bring you from KLIA to KL Sentral. OH, I forgot, KL Sentral is the centre of LRT, Commuter, monorail as well as KTM. So, if you want to go to IIUM by public transportation, you need to go to KL Sentral first. Back to KLIA Express, it will cost you 35 RM and take 30 minutes of journey. Another option is you can go by Airport bus. It will take time one hour but cost you cheaper, its only 10 RM.

2. You arrive in KLIA2

As long I know, there is only Airport bus to take you to KL Sentral. It will cost you 9-10 RM, and Yeah it will take more less 1 hour. 

If you already arrived to KL Sentral, you can take LRT to Terminal Putra (Gombak), You can see in the map I attached. From KL Sentral to Terminal Putra, it will take 45 minutes until 1 hour. Then, you can continue by Rapid Bus T231, it will enter IIUM and go around IIUM. Another way, you can just go by Taxi because you may bring so many stuff and one comfort will be very helpful. Done, its easy right? It will only take 2 and half hours until 3 hours depends on your movement, fast or slow, hehehe..

I think that’s all. Another detail, you can ask me in comment or email 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to Reach IIUM from Airport

  1. hi friend,
    Actually i am coming to IIUM in MIBF this semester and i needed your help on the procedure of the university. i could not get much information from the help desk at university when i called on phone … Please email me back if you can help me related to University procedure .

    • Salam, Maaz.
      If you mean MIBF in IIBF program, that means its located in damansara. I cant really help since i just know main campus, Gombak. But if you mean you want to go to Gombak for finishing any registration process, yes I can try to help you. Contact me at my email

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