New Rule of Student Pass in Malaysia

I just heard from my friend that there is new rule for new student to process they student pass. Until one semester after my batch (2013/2014 semester II) the student pass will process in University. We just need to come by single visa (if your departure country need visa to enter Malaysia). Those who do not need visa, just come to Malaysia. Like me, I just consider as tourist before I process my student pass.

But now, the system a little bit changed. My friend said, her brother accepted in one of universities in Malaysia. There must be a letter from Malaysian immigration called visa calling to foreigner that want to process visa in order to register university in Malaysia.  All new students must get visa calling before come to Malaysia as student. Even if your country no need visa to come to Malaysia, without visa calling you cannot enter Malaysia. Like what one of my friend told me, there is his junior had not get visa calling yet but he forced himself to come because he wanted to go together with his friends. What happened was he rejected by immigration and he had to go back to Indonesia. Another experience, a new student who need visa to go to Malaysia, has to wait for his visa calling and applied single visa to come to Malaysia. I found that this system very rude. It is give difficulty to new students because processing letter for process visa take a long time. Even when you have to hurry because you need to do register, but immigration can do nothing. As the result, you have to come bit late from the register date. Well well..


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