This is How I fall in Love

“I want you back back back back..”

BACK: Infinite’s song that I repeat till thousand times. Hahaaa.. The song is just like beg me to back to the Korean world. I don’t know since when I am back to this routine, but my playlist full with k-pop songs, my tab in browser full with synopsis of the drama episode by episode as well as searching for profile and photo of my new crush.
This make me me realize that I have same steps whenever I started to love something.

1. Random searching. I always start from random Youtube video or any drama’s synopsis
2. After seeing the same person in drama or MV, I started to feel the “beat” in my heart
3. Oh I found new crush
4. Crazily find out the profile, photos, dramas, songs, MV and any activities
5. Do point number 4 until I am bored

This time I was fully read about drama “Its Okay, Its Love”. This is very interesting drama because I just like flashback about my interest field. Mental Disorder. Further, I like all the characters. The ending? Satisfying enough. Anyway, I avoid watch the drama because I am sure I will leave other activities. So, I decided to only read it from blog.

Oh yeah, I also like infinite, Junggigo and re-fall in live with K Will. This time I will focus on Infinite only because two members of Infinite are playing in a drama titled “High School – Love On”. Yeah, its sooo teenager you know. However, the actors stole my heart. He is Woo Hyun from Infinite! Oh, he just so cute and I cant stop find out about him. His voice is okay. He is main vocal in Infinite. The way he dance, ouch, cool. He is 23 yo, same age with me.

I took this from Google

How is he? Just look like a good boy, huh?

Anyway.. Cannot wait for another “fall” ^_^


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