Ho Chi Minh City: A Review

This is a, not that short, review about my last trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Overall, I enjoyed my stay there. In fact, there is much thing I have not explore there and if I have chance, I feel like I am going back there and explore another state 🙂

Will you come back to Ho Chi Minh city?

Well, If you like to do shopping activity, want to buy branded equipment for sport from head to toe, coffee freak and cloth in the cheap price. You SHOULD come back there.

What do you like from Ho Chi Minh?

All is cheap there. It is backpacker friendly in term of budget.

Where we should stay?

District 1. Near by Ben than Market. I stayed in Mai Guest House after back and fourth read the review about accommodation. It is located in Pham ngu lao street. You can say its a backpacker area. So many guest house and travel agent there. However, it is kinda far from Ben than market which become the centre, it is like 1 km if you look from Google map. For backpacker that is okay to stay there. But I do not recommend it for family trip. You can choose the place nearer by Ben than.

Recommended place to visit?

Typically a city, Ho Chi Minh has no natural scenery to be enjoyed. However, you can find many historical buildings and museums. From all of the possible list must visit in the town, I strongly recommend you to visit War Remnant museum. You can see the story behind the Vietnam war. You are going to get emotional, I bet.
Shopping addict? Ben than market and sport stores near by Puppet water show building. You can find branded sport equipments from head to toe with very cheap price. Well, I feel like I wanna go back there and crazily buy back and shoes of Nike or Adidas. Haha.

Is there any impressive thing there?

The road condition is very impressive there. Haha. Countless motorcycles, superb driving skills, awesome crossroad ability and…. we all alive. There is funny sarcasm said: Green light: I can go. Yellow light: I can go. Red light: I STILL can go. LoL.

Uhm, another thing is, I do like their toilet. It is clean! Even in the public toilet. Well, that is simple, but for me that is precious thing.

Phuc Long coffee shop and its Wifi.

Anything you do not like there?

Almost along the road, I smelled uncomfortable thing like urine and things 😦

The seller in the market is too pushy. They also cursing us sometimes when we did not buy something or refuse to listen they offer. Bad attitude, huh?

They thing all hijabers are Malaysian. Ugh, somehow I do not like it when they kept calling us ‘kakak’ and thinks we all Malaysian. I mean, its not because of Malaysia, it is because they stereotyping us.

There are many districts, is there any interesting place besides District 1?

From my experience, I can say No. We came to district 5, Bin thai market and it was close early. The district 5 is much different with district 1. It is more quite and like no life there :p After that, I dont feel like wanna explore another district.

Muslim’s life?

Due to a big number of Malaysian visit Ho Chi Minh to do shopping, the are many Halal restaurant available around Ben than market. Thus, its very expensive there but still tolerable. Be careful, there are some restaurant use Halal sign but they do not have Halal certificate. Mostly, its Indian or Pakistan restaurant. They still sell beer even though use Halal sign. I heard it is for attract Muslim customer so they use the sign.

During my stay I only came to 1 mosque that I forgot the name. And one more I just passed by from bus. For the Vietnamese Muslim, I do not really know. I only had chance to meet my friend’s friend. She is Muslim and wears hijab. She studied in Indonesia before and able to speak Bahasa Indonesia. Others than her, I have no chance to find out 😦

Phuc Long coffee and tea shop.

My friend of friend asked us to meet in this coffee shop. I assume all of drinks there are safe. However, once, I ordered one drink namely, if i am not mistaken, tropical fruit cocktail, and you know what, it is contain alcohol. Luckily, I saw the process, so I noticed when they put alcohol there. It was my fault actually, so, better ask first before order.

Heaven of Fruits.

I saw many fresh fruits seller. Its is heaven for me. Sadly, I have doubtness to buy, worry the knife they use or their hand probably touch something prohibited. Anyway, it might contaminated by dust and dirt (calming down myself). So, I decided to let it go.. Let it go..